Polyethylene wax manufacturers explain the role of polyethylene wax for you


Everybody knows polyethylene wax, so what does it do?

Introduce to me that polyethylene wax has good matting resistance, scratch resistance

abrasion resistance, anti-polishing resistance and anti-imprint resistance.

The following is a detailed introduction: 1, good extinction in the application of extinction paint, the amount of silica in the same range of the amount of effective extinction. The degree of extinction depends on the particle size of the dispersed polyethylene wax and the ability to migrate to the film surface. Polyethylene wax as a matting agent, its prominent advantages are: excellent transparency, smoothness, soft appearance, chemical inertness, non-precipitation, scratch resistance, wear resistance, stain resistance.

Polyethylene wax is commonly used in: 1. Nitrocellulose varnish; 2. 2. Acid curing varnish; 3. Polyurethane varnish; 4, polyester varnish, make high quality smooth varnish.

Polishing scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistance to increase friction resistance, scratch resistance, resistance to signet of one factor is to reduce friction coefficient on the surface of the coating, coating the surface of the object contact, tended to sliding is greater than the scratches, the role of the polyethylene wax approximate silicone oil, the difference is that the former in the form of small dispersed particles present in the coating surface.

Only a small amount is required to achieve scratch resistance. Scratch resistance is especially important for high-grade wood lacquer and other decorative coatings.

Polyethylene wax, added to coatings, can greatly reduce the tendency to be polished by friction, while maintaining low gloss durability, is often needed in applications. For example, in alkyd varnish, when the amount of polyethylene wax is 1.5%, the wear resistance value of the coating is doubled, but when the amount is 3%, the wear resistance value is increased 5 times. When metal objects come into contact with coated products, they sometimes leave a black mark on the coating film. The addition of polyethylene wax to the film reduces this tendency or makes the mark easy to erase.